Leader's Library
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Leader’s Library is a comprehensive set of books and tools available for busy pastors and church leaders designed specifically to aid in a wide range of tasks from Bible study and sermon preparation to pastoral care, congregation leadership and so much more. Logos has taken the time to really research which tools pastors need most, and has put them all into one easy-to-use program.

Leader's Library contains almost 300 Bible and Bible reference titles packaged together in a software exclusively designed to expand your research possibilities. Worth over $5,000.00 in print, Leader’s Library is the ultimate tool to help you lead and equip your congregation more effectively. It provides you with a complete library of books on preaching, leadership, teaching, and ministry—all at 94% off equivalent print editions.

Leader's Library acts as your research assistant, pulling together all of the corresponding reference material to match the passage or topic that you are studying. Simply enter passage and click Go! If you can do that, we can help make your study of the Word, your sermon preparation, and your teaching more efficient, more thorough, and more rewarding.

The Leader's Library is rounded out by a collection of helpful additional resources covering such topics as the history of the church, famous quotations, Biblical ethics, theology, Biblical maps and so much more. Beyond Pastoral responsibilities, the Leader's Library contains titles that will help you to enjoy more satisfying personal studies and small group leadership. All of this information can be at your fingertips for only $324.95.